A course for adults, learning strategies and tools to increase your emotional well-being


Learn to consciously regulate and manage emotions, reduce anxiety, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.


Create a positive mental outlook, with increased confidence and resilience, using tools and strategies  every day to maintain good emotional health and wellbeing.


Clear guidance.
Increasing skills, knowledge and understanding of tools, techniques and strategies used to become calm, positive and resilient, including breath, massage, meditation and mindfulness. 

Active learning.
Actively learn through practical engagement and collaboration about new ways of thinking and behaving, applying the learning to your own life.

topics covered

Brain and nervous system;
including neuroplasticity

Breath awareness and breathing for calmness and relaxation

Managing negative emotions and addressing unhelpful patterns
of behaviour

Resilience, affirmations and self-belief

in the face of difficulties

Positive thinking

Acceptance, including trust
and belief in others


when and where

6 week course: bespoke 1-2-1 or group 

(max. 3 participants)


At Amanda's home or your family home as appropriate

Payment Options:
Depending on your  preference, you can choose to pay either upfront  in full or in weekly instalments. 

Please note: information gathering prior to the start of course by telephone or email is free of charge.

1-2-1 Face-to-Face Course



1-2-1 Zoom Course





Group Course

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