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For the whole family - creating quality time together.


To raise understanding of behavioural and emotional responses and develop confidence and skills in supporting everyone to understand the different emotions they experience, why they occur and ways to regulate and manage them.


Clear guidance.
Increasing skills, knowledge and understanding of tools, techniques and strategies used to become calm, positive and resilient. 

Active learning.
Actively learn through practical engagement, participating and collaborating as you apply the learning to your own lives, both as individuals and as a family group. 

Courses are tailored to meet the needs of each individual family.

topics covered

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Brain and nervous system;

including neuroplasticity

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Breath awareness and breathing for calmness and relaxation

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Managing negative emotions and addressing unhelpful patterns
of behaviour

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Positive thinking

when and where

A bespoke 1-2-1
6 week course

90 - 120 minute sessions, arranged with the family

At family home 
(If required, can hold session/s at Amanda’s home)

Courses via Zoom available for families with secondary-aged children

Payment Options: 
Depending on your preference, you can choose to pay either upfront in full or in weekly installments 

Please note: information gathering prior to the start of course by telephone or email is free of charge.

get in touch

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Face-to-Face Course



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Zoom Course



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