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My Experience

A few years ago following a family bereavement, a heavy workload and suffering with physical pain, I found myself in the grip of persistent and excessive anxiety; an extremely painful and difficult time that went on for several months.

Looking back, I can see that it was the catalyst I needed to begin
my search for a new lifestyle and I discovered a way to live unlike anything I had experienced before. This new life has brought me
great joy and an underlying security that grounds me and gives me
a deep-seated confidence . My strong sense of emotional well-being means I can easily manage whatever life throws at me, 

I stopped being a human doing and started being a human being.

My first step was admitting that my life had become unmanageable, the next step was a strong desire to change and willingness to live in a new way and finally an acceptance that I wasn't going to achieve this on my own.

At first I found new learning opportunities in the people already in my life, a perceptive friend and Reiki healer, was my first mentor, then my acupuncturist, who went on to introduce me to Human Design; a mapping of your genetic blueprint. I attended courses at The Global Retreat in Oxfordshire and learnt how to experience peace of mind and a positive approach as a way of life.


I went on to train as a Relax Kids Coach, met and established a working partnership with a truly inspirational breathing coach. I also read countless books and articles, and gained invaluable insights by following current thinking from some of the world's leading psychologists, neuroscientists, physicians, healers, motivational and self-help gurus.

It's not that I never feel anxious or upset any more, rather I have learnt to use simple relaxation tools and techniques in my day-to-day life, benefiting me with calm and refreshed energy levels most of the time.  


New patterns of thinking and behaviour have enabled me to take control of my emotional health and well-being; valuing myself and being the best I can be and, equally importantly, empowering my friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

I have learnt to 'be'.

Why a career change??

Be_Question Mark_Blue.png

I have also been surprised by the way in which parents, carers and educators have responded - proactively applying their increasing knowledge, strategies and techniques to help them in their own lives, as well as their children. This has inspired me to develop new courses and offer services to adults as well as children and young people.


In summary, don't allow anxiety, behavioural concerns or mental health problems to develop or engulf you; your emotional health is as important, if not more important, as your physical health and needs nurturing too.


'The wind may blow from any direction, but the direction in which you go depends on how you set your sails'


My own story illustrates there is a different way to live, available for anyone who is open to change and I can help that happen.

Throughout my wide-ranging 30 year teaching career, especially in my role as a special needs co-ordinator, I have worked with many children and young people who have needed help to reduce anxiety and adopt healthy, positive attitudes to life.


As is widely acknowledged, significant numbers of children and young people suffer with their mental health and well-being. I am amazed at the lack of professional resources available to them and their families at these critical times of mental and emotional suffering.


I have always been curious about the brain and how it works, particularly the growing  information coming from the world of neuroscience related to how we process feelings and emotions. This scientific understanding underpinned my own training, and the programmes I then developed have produced impressive results for the individuals and families I have worked with.

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