A group course for 8-11 year olds and a parent, teaching playful breath, craft and relaxation.


Learn to breathe with ease and flow; developing confidence in using the breath to soothe and calm.

Understand different emotions, why they occur and ways to regulate and manage them. 



Each session allows children to master their breath in a fun way starting with a sequence of body movements combined with deep breathing exercises (no previous body or breath awareness required). 

The use of craft activities (no artistic abilities required) are used to explore different emotions, increase confidence, self-esteem and positivity. 

Each session concludes with a calming activity, for example, massage, relaxation script, mindfulness.

topics covered

Brain and nervous system; including neuroplasticity

and self-belief

Positive thinking

Managing negative emotions and  addressing unhelpful patterns of behaviour

Acceptance and
how to welcome opportunities in the
face of difficulty


when and where

6 week course (max. 5 children) 

1 Meldrum Close, Newbury, Berkshire

Course dates:

Be Playful courses are currently not running.

Payment Options:
Depending on your preference, you can choose to pay either upfront in full or in weekly instalments.

6 Week Course



Please note: information gathering prior to the start of course by telephone or email is free of charge.

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