empowering you to simply be

calm, connected and confident.

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Hi, I am Amanda

Creator of be.

Life rarely runs smoothly, by it's very nature it is full of 'ups and downs' of one sort or another. Sometimes the 'down' times can result in a self-searching that can change our lives forever and this has certainly been my own experience.

It is these experiences that have led me to found be. with the mission to empower everyone to simply 'be'.

The courses  impart the knowledge and tools needed to become calm, connected and confident, thereby creating a positive attitude that fosters healthy emotional and mental wellbeing.


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A group course for 8-11 year olds and a parent, teaching playful breath, craft and relaxation.

Be Responsible_White.png

A group course for parents, learning strategies and tools to increase the emotional wellbeing of the whole family with you at the core.

Be Together_White.png

For the whole family - creating quality time together.

Be Yourself_White.png

A group course for adults, learning strategies and tools to increase your emotional wellbeing.

What People Say


Be Playful, February 2020

A fabulous course that my 10 year old daughter and I attended. So valuable to have a space to think about how we react and how to manage emotions, crucial life skills in my opinion.

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